The Dinosaurs that are Academic Historians

The following is a response blog to Michael Peter Edson’s piece in Medium, “Dark Matter.” Hey, History major here. The higher-ups of my field are, honestly, TERRIBLE at promoting themselves, their work, and the past. Their use of outdated formats drive away casual history lovers and reserves the “best” history for an insular group of… Continue reading The Dinosaurs that are Academic Historians

Fate and Human Transience

Today‚Äôs post will focus on Paul Manship’s elegant sundial “Time & Fates of Man,” which graced the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Time and again, the Ancient Greeks appear at vital inflection points in the progression (or regression) of Western ideology (Italian Renaissance artwork and Western European Enlightenment texts immediately spring to mind). Their interwoven… Continue reading Fate and Human Transience